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Each insurance coverage under the RECO Insurance Program has its own specific Claim Reporting Form.

Please make sure that you review the questions carefully and that you submit all of the documentation requested to ensure that your claim can be reviewed promptly.

Note : If you have been served with any court documentation you should pick up the phone and call the Program Adjuster immediately even if you have not completed the Claim Reporting Form.

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Errors & Omissions
Claim Form

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Consumer Deposit
Claim Form

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This site contains documents stored in PDF format.  To read them, you may need to install Adobe Acrobat reader.

Please note that the Claim Reporting Forms are “interactive” pdf documents. You can complete a downloaded form and then print off to be sent to the adjuster (Errors and Omissions or Commission Protection) or to RECO (Consumer Deposit) along with the required documentation.


The Insurer has introduced a number of loss control initiatives since September 1, 2007 including

Loss Control Bulletins



Click on the link above to download the annual insurance statistics report for 2020. These statistics were previously found in RECO’s annual report and provide registrants with valuable insights about the causes of losses in the program. Should you have any questions, please contact the program manager’s office at