The Real Estate and Business Broker’s Act, 2002 S.O. 2002 requires that all registrants secure professional liability insurance coverage through the policy administered by RECO as a condition of registration.


RECO secured the first Professional Liability Insurance Policy (“the Policy”) on September 1, 2000. Since that time, registrants have enjoyed broad and unique insurance coverage under the Policy’s three parts:

Part A

Errors & Omissions

Part B

Commission Protection

Part C

Consumer Deposit

RECO has continued to provide stable and affordable insurance coverage for the real estate industry in the province of Ontario.

The renewal date for the Policy is September 1. Each registrant must pay their insurance premium by the specified deadline ahead of that renewal date in order to maintain their registration, otherwise their registration will be suspended.  Additionally, registrants must pay any outstanding deductibles owing for claims previously paid.

The Policy is currently underwritten by certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s and the Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company.

The common renewal date for the Program’s insurance is September 1. Each registrant must pay an insurance premium that provides the registrant with one year of insurance coverage for errors and omissions, commission protection and consumer deposit claims.

September 1

Renewal Date

1 year

Coverage Period


Errors & Omissions,
Commission Protection,
Consumer Deposit

Other Program Features


Alternative Risk Services has arranged an Excess Errors and Omissions Insurance facility for RECO registrants looking for additional protection over and above RECO’s primary insurance coverage.

Features of Excess Policy

If you are interested in obtaining a no obligation quote for Excess Errors and Omissions Insurance, please download and complete the Excess Errors and Omissions Insurance Application form and return it to Alternative Risk Services at:

Coverage Questions?

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